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Drumbeat School, South London


South London

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Project brief

In July 2016 on behalf of our client, we broke ground at Drumbeat School in Brockley. Drumbeat School is a school for children and young people with autism. It also provides a support service for families affected by autism.

The works comprised of forming a new entrance, including a flat roof over to the existing main school building. Alterations to the existing building and refurbishment to adjacent areas. A new canopy was formed to the two-storey expansion block and to the east elevation of the main school building. We installed timber cladding, brick plinths, fencing, a new sliding gate and a drainage system. Internal refurbishments were carried out in the reception area to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The key issues on this project were that the students suffer from mild to severe forms of autism. This meant that any change in their routine could cause stress and upset. Together with key teachers, the head and our contract manager, we created a phased programme which allowed works to be done at sections at times.