Health & Safety and Sustainability

Health and safety

Our priority is Health and Safety of our operatives as well as those affected by our works. Continuous training, review, and implementation of safety on our sites is paramount to the successful delivery. We regularly review Health and safety practices, methods to ensure Hazards are controlled.

Health & Safety Strategy

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Our Accreditations

Environmental & Sustainability

Re-Gen are at the forefront of promoting environmental and sustainable measures throughout our organisation. As a company we are ISO14001 accredited and working towards PAS2030. We are audited regularly to maintain this accreditation, and to ensure we are effective in our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment. We are committed to achieving Net Zero within the next 5 years and will continue to drive sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint.

Where possible materials are selected from sustainable sources, waste materials are disassembled and reused when required. This limits the amount of waste we create and reduces over production of materials unnecessarily. We make suggestions to our clients for products which have been sustainably made and tested without compromising design. The retrofit or reuse of materials – as a whole or in part – is preferable as it is typically the lowest carbon option. We work with designers making suggestions for future ease of dismantling, rather than normal demolition, meaning that materials and products can be reused for the same purpose as originally intended.

We have recycling supply chain agreements for empty containers and packaging, they take these back and recycle them again and again to reduce waste charges and landfill waste.

Examples other initiatives are:

  • Donations of left over materials
  • Use of pallets for fencing
  • Paperless offices
  • Saving stripped out materials that can be shipped to other countries

Pollution Prevention

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Monitoring our carbon impact

Aiming for zero waste

Protecting natural resources